Rainbow Six Siege Teases New Operation

It looks as though Ubisoft is now ready to start prepping Rainbow Six Siege players for another new Operation with the first teaser for that content released on Monday. A GIF shared on Twitter shows two characters who one would think are the new Operators that’ll release with the next Operation, though keeping in line with past Operation teasers from previous content drops, Ubisoft isn’t revealing any info on these just yet.

The teaser below was the one shared by Ubisoft and tasked players with paying close attention to its details. Amid the swirling water effects and the dark colors, the lights.

Even though Ubisoft isn’t sharing any more info on the characters yet, we can look at past leaks and hints for indications about what’s to come. Back in March, a leaker who’s provided accurate info on more than one occasion said that the next two Operators would be a Danish Attacker and a Defender who’s part of the United States Secret Service. The same user also shared some details on what the Operators are supposed to be capable of.

“Danish attacker is invisible to cameras and has a sort of silent step similar to Cav,” the user said when the info was leaked. “Secret Service defender has a special eyesight that bypasses flashes and smokes.”

It’s impossible to verify these supposedly leaked details through just the teaser alone though, so players will have to wait until Ubisoft officially unveils the next Operators. Whatever and whoever these characters might be, they’ll be the first pair to follow the release of Mozzie and Gridlock who both made their debut back in February just about a month before the leaks started happening.

There’s no known release date for the Operators and whatever the next Operation is, but expect more on that to come from Ubisoft.

PostedThursday 16 May 2019
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