New ‘Fortnite’ Video Shows How Much The Map Has Changed

If you haven’t played Fortnite in a couple of seasons, you’d probably find it pretty difficult to jump back in. Of course, the core mechanics, how the game plays, hasn’t changed. But everything else has.

Beyond the meta — which has drastically changed since the earlier seasons — there’s a variety of new weapons and items, and not to mention, the map is a lot different than you may remember it.

Moisty Mire? Gone. Prison? Gone. That empty land in the north west part of the map safe to drop for noobs? Gone and never coming back. Fortnite’s ever-evolving map means that if you skip a couple of seasons, you’re consequently out of the loop, especially if you pop back in right now, with the map covered in snow and littered with snowmen that want to kill you.

To show just how much the map has evolved in a little over a year, Reddit user LusorStan has created a short timelapse video that starts off with the simplicity of season one’s map and goes all the way until the present map.

While Fortnite’s constantly evolving map has left me a bit overwhelmed after prolonged absences more than once, it’s also what I love about the game the most. It constantly feels fresh. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, but always fresh. And that’s something many service multiplayer games struggle with. While the current map is far from my favorite, I appreciate that Epic Games is constantly trying new things and not just resting on its laurels, which is perhaps why Fortnite has showed no signs of slowing down.

PostedThursday 31 January 2019
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