Gran Turismo Sport’s Latest Update Fixes Minor Issues, Doesn’t Do Much

Sony and Polyphony Digital have done a great job of continuing to support Gran Turismo Sport long after its launch. Just a couple weeks ago, the game’s last patch added a new track, new cars, and new league events, in what was a pretty significant content update. The newest patch for Gran Turismo Sport, update version 1.33, isn’t nearly as significant though, and mostly focuses on ironing out minor issues that have been cropping up and have caught the developers’ attention.

One of the two primary issues that have been fixed pertains to when the in Sport Mode, the game would become, in the developers’ words, “impossible to control” if you hit the Confirm button multiple times during pre-race warm ups and qualifying. That should no longer happen. The other issue the Lobby, which saw slow refuelling speeds while loading old Event Settings, has also been fixed. “Various other” issues have also been addressed.

You can see the full patch notes below. Gran Turismo Sport is currently available exclusively on PS4.

Main Features

1. Sport Mode
 - Fixed an issue where hitting the “Confirm” button multiple times during warm up and qualifying made the game impossible to control.

2. Lobby
 - Fixed an issue where the refueling speed was slower than intended when loading old Event Settings.

Other Improvements and Adjustments

– Various other issues have been addressed.

PostedMonday 11 February 2019
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