Fortnite Dark Vanguard Outfit and Space Shuttle Gliders Now Available

Another day, another new Fortnite skin to lose all your V-Bucks on. But of course Epic Games can’t just stop at a new skin. No, it needs you spending all of your V-Bucks, even the ones you were saving to send your kid to college with. So, in addition to a new skin, it also released two new gliders.

If you’re wallet has made it this far, you might want to close its eyes, the new skin and glider added: the Dark Vanguard Skin and its accompanying space shuttle gliders.

Like previous premium skins, Dark Vanguard will cost you 2,000 hard-earned V-Bucks, while the gliders will come in at 1,200 a pop, for a grand-total of 4,400 more V-Bucks then I currently have.

You can check out the skin and gliders below, courtesy of FortniteIntel:

Posted: Tuesday 10 April 2018
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