Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Returning With the New Summer Block Party

Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale skyrocketed to success last year, binging many pro players and content creators along with it. Due to this success, Epic has been able to branch off into esports, and while the game’s competitive scene may not be on the scale of League of Legends or Call of Duty just yet, the developers are surely offering some big money for their tournaments. That said, Epic hosted the Celebrity Pro-Am last summer, which resulted in none other than Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and musician Marshmello winning $1 million for charity, and it looks like the event will be returning once again this year.

Epic took to their website to announce the first ever Summer Block Party, which will take place just a few days shy of summer actually beginning in the Northern Hemisphere. Logistics aside, the event will provide fans and players with two days of Fortnite goodness. The first day, which is June 15th, will feature the title’s first Creative tournament. Celebrities and streamers will be squading up into eight teams of four to tackle a an entirely new player-made game mode that was developed specifically for this event.

On the next day, however, the next Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am will take place. It’s unknown what the prize pool is looking like this time around, but considering how much Epic has set away for tournaments, we might be able to expect more than $1 million for charity. Either way, the likes of Ninja, Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie, Jordan Fisher, and Dillon Francis will be present, so it should be a good show.

In addition to the two events to take place during the Fortnite Summer Block Party, there will be much more to do. “Meet more than 20 of your favorite Fortnite characters including Peely, Fishstick, and Brite Bomber,” the Epic website reads. “Glide on the island’s ziplines, visit the Pirate Ship, or play a round of Fortnite Mini Golf. Get your fill at the Durr Burger, Pizza Pete’s, Sofdeez Ice Cream Shop and other in-game eateries brought to life. You can even complete a real-world Battle Pass to earn collectible swag.”

Tickets to the event will be going on sale in the near future and they start at $35.

Posted: Thursday 16 May 2019
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