Battlefield V Is Adding More Loot and Locations to Firestorm

Battlefield V’s Firestorm mode has already been evolving with new modes added to it since it was released, and in a few weeks, it’ll continue changing with new loot to acquire and locations to visit. Three more points of interest and a new tier of powerful weapons will be added to Firestorm on May 21st when an update for the battle royale mode releases, EA DICE said. The developer also broke down these additions and what players can expect from them.

Most battle royale games expand on existing maps and continually change them with Fortnite being the best example of this, and Battlefield V is also taking that route. Watchtowers, the Blue Forest, and the Excavation Site are the three new locations that players will find in the Firestorm map once the update is released. DICE previewed what each one of these locations would be like and how players can plan to approach the points of interest.

“The concrete watchtowers of the former have been constructed along the southwest coastline, between Baldr’s Point and Guderos,” DICE said. “The significance of the towers is yet unknown, but it’s obvious that the strategic value of the peninsula has been re-evaluated. Blue Forest consists of a secluded forest area, suddenly in full blossom. It has been speculated that the unusually early spring in the region is somehow related to the recent geological activity. Head to the west side of the dam and admire the bloom. Finally, Excavation Site contains a large area that unexpectedly appeared on Halvøy. You’ll find this in the mountainous terrain south east of the quarry.”

Throughout these three new locations and the rest of the map, another type of weapon will also soon be scavenged. Referred to as “Gold Tier weapons,” this category includes tools such as a new gun called the Boys AT Rifle which is capable of taking on enemy vehicles. Guns like these will only be found in rarer loot like safes, lockers, and supply drops.

Though Battlefield V is getting these new features, it’s also lost something players seemed to enjoy. Duos have been removed from Firestorm, though according to DICE’s data, it seems like players preferred that mode less compared to Squads.

Posted: Tuesday 14 May 2019
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