Battlefield 5 and A Way Out Coming to EA Access

We reported earlier that whatever barriers Sony put up to EA have seemingly fallen as EA Access will finally be launching on the PlayStation 4 in July. It’ll comes after being on PC and Xbox One for a number of years and includes a catalog of EA’s previous titles, 10 hour demos of new games, along with discounts. Now it seems two new games are getting added to the service, possibly to coincide with the PS4 release of the service.

As you can see below, EA released a trailer to hype the release on Sony’s console, and you can see clearly at one part when detailing the vault (what EA calls their catalog of titles in EA Access), A Way Out and Battlefield V. Both games, as of now, aren’t available on the service so seems they sneaked in an announcement here. Whether or not they’ll come to all platforms simultaneously or be exclusive for a time as an extra incentive for PS4 owners isn’t clear.

Battlefield V and A Way Out are both available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Posted: Thursday 16 May 2019
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