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Express Codex Administration.

Express Codex Site Updates

Downloads Page:

Download Page has been updated latest downloads are now showing every day so viewers know what new updated. PC Forum has loads of new downloads, PC Forum has been updated and sorted.

PlayStation 4:
(PlayStation Game Save)
1. Dark Souls 3 Modded Platinum Save
2. Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness Saves
3. Detroit Become Human Game Save 100%

PC/Computer Laptops:

PC/Computer Laptops Forum has been Catergorie has been updated & sorted properly.

(PC Gaming Forum)
PC Games Modz

Grand Theft Auto V Game Modz
1. Map Editor 2.13
2. Script Hook V + Native Trainer 1.0.1365.1
3. NaturalVision Remastered
4. Mission Maker 1.0
5. Detroit: Become Human Connor’s Jacket
6. Ultimate President Assassination Mission 1.1
7. Catwoman 1992 Texture Improvement

(House & Building Map Modz)
1. Franklin’s Mansion House
2. Franklin’s Bachelor Pad (+ Helipad) 2.0
3. OG Ferrari Dealership 1.0
4. Pub 44 Vespucci Beach 1.0
5. Rockford Hills Safehouse
6. GTAV Travel to Egypt 1.7
7. New Sandy Shores Mod (MAP EDITOR)
8. GTAV Maze Bank Office Bedroom and office 1.0
9. Music Producer’s Mansion 6.0
10. GTAV Governor’s Mansion 1.1
11. Luxury Executive Penthouse
12. Enhanced Yacht with Extra Rooms
13. Devin Weston’s Downtown Penthouse 1.2
14. Madd Dogg’s Penthouse 1.0

Express Codex Manager: Dryder Mataroa