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Rainbow Six Siege drops Starter Edition, cuts prices on other editions

Ubisoft has streamlined the process of figuring out which Rainbow Six Siege edition to go for, and what each of...
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Blizzard Confirms it Has No Standout Releases Planned for This Year

Don’t expect anything huge from Blizzard before the end of this year said the company’s president. In the midst of...
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Respawn Teases New Maps, Characters, and New Modes for ‘Apex Legends’

Apex Legends has taken the battle royale world by storm and despite only being out a week, has already amassed...
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‘Mass Effect’ Is ‘Very Much Alive,” Says BioWare

Though BioWare has stated numerous times now that the future of Mass Effect is bright, many are wondering what the...
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Crackdown 3 Apparently Won’t Allow You to Group Up With Friends

Crackdown 3’s Wrecking Zone multiplayer mode seemingly won’t boast a rather basic feature upon release this week. After years of...
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Rage 2 Has Received Nearly 10 Minutes of New Fast-Paced Gameplay

Bethesda has let loose a new sequence of gameplay for Rage 2 which shows off tons of weapons, abilities, and...
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Rocket League Adding Cross-Platform Party Support

Take your rocket-powered cross-platform play to the next level with parties and clubs. Pysonix is trailblazing the cross-platform play scene...
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Apex Legends Player Mysteriously Gifted $1.1 Million in Apex Coins

Over a million dollars of free Apex Coins was mysteriously dropped in the lap of an Apex Legends player. Game...
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Fortnite Executive Congratulates Apex Legends, Promptly Deletes Tweet

In an odd move, Epic Games Executive Mark Rein scrubs warm wishes to Respawn team over Fortnite battle royale competitor,...
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‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Director Ed Boon Breaks Silence on Latest Leak

This week a new leak surfaced seemingly revealing the rest of the roster in Mortal Kombat 11, or at least...
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‘The Division 2’ Beta Update Fixes Crashes Caused by Long Sessions

An update has been released for The Division 2’s private beta to resolve an issue where the application crashed if...
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Apex Legends: Respawn could be adding Solos and Duos modes

Dataminers have reportedly discovered lines in the game’s code that indicates Solos and Duos are on the way. Fortnite leaker...
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