Splatoon 2’s Update 4.4.0 Goes Live Today, Multiple Balance Changes
Splatoon 2 may no longer be getting new maps added to it, but updates adding other varieties of new content for absolutely free are still absolutely a thing. That said, the upcoming update for the game won’t be of that variety. Update 4.4.0, which goes live later today, is mostly going to be focused on a bevy of balance fixes.

The update’s patch notes have been translated by some folks over on Reddit, though we should be getting an official translation soon enough. They reveal that Nintendo is making changes to spawning on the Kelp Dome map, changing the time before ink damage kicks in, changing the specifics of how multiple weapons work, including the Undercover Bella and Splat Dualies, and making changes to how Special Points work. You can see the translation for yourself below, though do bear in mind that, as noted, this is a fan translation, and the full official translation should come later today.

Splatoon 2 is out now, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

PostedThursday 31 January 2019
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