Saints Row: The Third Gameplay Footage for Nintendo Switch

Get a look at the Switch port of Saints Row: The Third before it launches.

Amongst the litany of releases here in the first half of the year, Deep Silver is preparing to re-release Saints Row: Third–or as it is properly titled Saints Row: The Third -The Full Package–at the end of next week on the Nintendo Switch.

To make that wait until release a little bit easier, Deep Silver today release a new trailer for the Switch version of Saints Row: The Third which shows off one of the game’s heist missions. This is the first new trailer in an ongoing series called “When Good Heists Go Bad” which will seemingly show off a few different sequences from the game.

As expected, considering the game is from last generation consoles, it continues to look pretty good here on the Switch. It doesn’t look to be a drastic upgrade in terms of graphics, but what is shown here is more than good enough to get the job done.

Plus, the simple reality of having Saints Row: The Third on a handheld is still kind of baffling to me. I know we should be used to having so many great games to play on the go with the Switch now, but even three years after the system’s release I still find it so wild that this console allows for so many great titles to be played anywhere. The Switch is pretty cool.

Anyway, what do you think of how this port is shaping up? Check out the new gameplay trailer below and then give me your thoughts on what you’ve seen down in the comments.

Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package is set to land on Switch next week on May 10.

PostedThursday 2 May 2019
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