Twitch Streamer Plans to Beat ‘Super Mario 64’ With Only One Button

A Twitch streamer who’s known for coming up with creative controllers used to play games is planning on beating Super Mario 64 using just one button.

The streamer by the name of Rudeism, also known simply as Dylan, constantly looks to “push the boundaries of how we play games,” according to his Twitch page. He’ll attempt to do that again soon by using not just one button from a controller but a device that is, quite literally, one red button that he’ll use to navigate Mario through Super Mario 64.

Showing off his new input device in the video above, Rudeism revealed his Super Mario 64 controller to be a red button encased in a wooden box. The way the button is set up allows different inputs to result in certain actions being performed – one for a jump, twice for running ahead, and so on. The streamer didn’t yet explain what button combinations would lead to the rest of the actions, namely turning, but Rudeism admitted that it’s probably going to be difficult. Rudeism’s goal is to either beat the game or get beaten by it, whichever comes first.

Rudeism’s stream will take place on either January 26th or January 27th at the times listed above, depending on where viewers are located, and will serve as a way to raise money for the AbleGamers organization. AbleGamers is a nonprofit charity organization which helps disabled individuals keep gaming by connecting them with different accessibility options depending on their situation. Rudeism said the streamer’s been waiting for this charity stream opportunity for a while now and said the partnership makes sense given his specific type of entertainment.

“It’s a good pairing, I reckon – the charity that builds great ergonomic controllers for those who need them, and the guy who builds trash controllers that absolutely noone asked for,” the streamer said on Twitter.

Other examples of the streamer’s crafty controller designs can be seen through Rudeism’s Twitch page, but the video above gives an idea of the other streams that happen on his channel. Rudeism has several videos showing Rocket League matches being played with a Rock Band guitar, and the one above shows the streamer controlling Overwatch’s Ana with only a teacup.

Posted: Friday 18 January 2019
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