About Us

Express Codex:

Express Codex comes from people who has inspired me on keep going never give up. I mean like i like to “Express myself" to people and inspire them to. This is all about inspire people. Codex came from when i 1st started coding with web hosting and visual studios developing. The word “Codex" was originally called “Codes" but we replace the S – X called Codex. So i sum up the name together and the website is called Express Codex.


All downloads are secure for registered users only and downloads are safe to download as its extracted by winrar files. Downloads has been tested so its safe with no viruses or tracker.


We have a forums filled with wide range of gaming tools. Tools from Playstation Network, PC software’s, Graphic designs, Mobile operating system downloads, mobile gaming tools, Microsoft gaming tools etc…… Source codes, general news, general support, system updates, Media section & live entertainment.


We have a open chat for registered users only where you can share ideas, meet other users and Admin, talk to an Admin, share site suggestions and much more.


We have a online shop with our own merchandise and upgraded tools and Keys for your gaming or graphics design tools.

Site Rules:

Our site rules are simple:

  1. No Spamming, Cus words, Immature words in the chatbox
  2. All tools & projects ready to be uploaded are redirected to me for security check and scan before uploaded publicly.
  3. Please be aware with our competition section that if you win or lose its only a game.

Staff Members:

Unfortunately we are low on staff as this website is a one man army. My name Dryder Mataroa owner of Express Codex. As for now our goal is to bring more help and people into our website and to feel excited about the website.